Canton tackles problem of abandoned shopping carts

April 1, 2018 by  

Some areas of Canton have so many shopping carts being abandoned, they are becoming a significant problem. With that in mind, the Canton City Council recently passed a law to try and deal with the issue.

John Mariol, a city councilman, carts are often used in this way by people who have to bring home their groceries, but have no transportation. He also drew a comparison between this behaviour and poverty.

However, since there is no way to find a person who abandoned a cart, the new law is designed to stop the problem at the source. It requires the stores to employ means such as electronic wheel locks or other barriers to keep the carts at the location.

This is a less stringent law than the one first proposed, which would have imposed penalties on the stores. However, many city councilmembers, as well as Tom Bernabei, Canton’s mayor, found the proposal too rigorous. First, they noted that it seems unfair to further penalize stores who are already crime victims; secondly, if the law were to force some groceries to close, the problem of lack of food in poorer areas would increase.

The new law takes effect this Wednesday, April 4. This type of ordinance has a wide-ranging effect, so officials might work with a flyer printing company on a mailer for residents.