Loves Park makes success of annual antique show

March 30, 2018 by  

The 58th Annual Antique Show, which took place in Loves Park, Illinois this year, attracted hundreds of visitors interested in buying a piece of history.

The show last month was hosted by the Northern Illinois Antiques Dealers Association at Forest Hills Lodge. Besides the crowd the antique show managed to attract, around 40 dealers from five different states came to Illinois in order to sell their goods. Some of the objects that were on display and on sale included antique kitchenware, signs and banners featuring popular logo designs, and older decorative pieces. According to the show organizers, the first antique show took place in a cornfield near the lodge and only featured a few people. Now it is estimated that the show brings in around 1,400 people each year and the number of dealers is rising with time as well.

The president of the Northern Illinois Antiques Dealers Association, Fred Kunz, said about what people tend to look for at these shows:

“The biggest to find things that you like are things that you remember and many people go looking for things that their mother or grandmother had as a child.”

For those who are interested in learning more about the antique show and seeing the pieces that were on display, visit the 23 WIFR news website.