Temecula Sears building to be renovated for new retail shops and entertainment

March 30, 2018 by  

The city of Temecula recently announced that a new center for entertainment will be coming to the Promenade Mall.

There will be an amusement and bowling center that will take up the first floor of the Sears building. Measuring 50,000 square feet and run by Round 1, some of the activities included will be ping-pong, arcade games, and billiards.

Matt Rahn, Mayor of Temecula, said that they community welcomes Round 1 as they will be a great asset and offer an entertainment amenity which has been missing in the community.

Seritage Growth Properties, based in New York, owns the Sears building and has been working with Round 1 and other restaurants and small retail shops to help redevelop the building. There will still be a smaller and renovated Sears store on the second floor of the building.

Executive Vice President of Leasing and Operations at Seritage, Mary Rottler, added that Round 1 is ideal for anchoring the redevelopment of the Sears store at the Promenade Mall. In the end, this space will provide an enhanced entertainment and shopping experience for the residents of Temecula, she said.

Banner printing companies can be hired to create banners that can be displayed in the area, so people will be able to keep abreast of renovations like these.