Iconic Youngstown mill to go back into service

March 29, 2018 by  

Lanterman’s Mill in Youngstown’s Mill Creek Park is currently being restored, but not just as an attraction—it will be used to grind flour.

Restoring the 1840s mill to operating condition meant replacing the water wheel, which has been rebuilt. The new wheel has a diameter of 14 feet, and is made of white oak.

In addition to the mill wheel itself, the wood structure surrounding it was replaced. There are still more modifications to be made, including a new penstock—a channel that will direct water to the wheel – and three gates in the channel. Steve Avery of Mill Creek Park noted that when the mill was restored in 1985, the gates and penstock were installed then, so they date back to that remodeling, but are not original to the mill.

The new wheel was built by Hassett Millrights located in Kentucky. The company built the wheel in a shop, took it apart, shipped it to Youngstown, and then assembled it. There were no blueprints for Hassett to work from, since none survive from 1840, and none were drawn up in 1985. Fortunately, Hassett created a set this time, which is useful since the wheel probably will not last longer than2 0 years at the outside.

The work is expected to be completed early in April, with flour being ground by summer. Officials might consider working with a brochure printing firm to create a booklet for visitors to the restored mill.