North Versailles fire department seeking new members

March 20, 2018 by  

North Versailles residents who would like to help their neighbors during an emergency may wish to check out an opportunity to see if the local fire department is a good fit for them.

The organization has put out a call to anyone who is interested in joining its ranks. Spots are available at the senior, junior, and cadet level, and a variety of positions are open.

Those who are considering becoming a member of the department can choose the station that they wish to be a part of, and they will need to fill out an application. They are asked to provide details about their work and educational background, and list any additional training they may have.

Along with the application, those who are interested will be asked to give the department permission to investigate the individual’s background. Anyone who is applying for a cadet or junior membership will need to have the consent of his or her parents if they wish to join the organization. Stationery printers can design and print any business forms needed to make this type of process go as smoothly as possible.

The completed application, along with any documents that are required can be dropped off at Station 213 number 1 or 213 Station number 2 in North Versailles. The Fire Department’s website includes inks to download the forms needed by the applicants, as well as more information about the process of joining the organization.