Hoag plans maternity unit in Irvine

March 13, 2018 by  

Hoag Hospital administrators recently announced they will so begin construction on a 12-suite maternity facility to be located on the hospital’s Irvine campus.

Work will get underway in about six months’ time, and the unit is expected to open sometime in Summer 2020.

The new maternity unit will comprise 18,000 square feet, and will take over a space that currently houses administrative offices. When the renovations are finished, the facility will offer 12 comfortable, home-like suites, each about 500 sq. ft. The suites are designed for women with low-risk pregnancies to use during labor and delivery, and where they can receive postpartum care.

According to Hoag’s Dr. Allyson Brooks, the design is intended to give women the feeling they are at home as they give birth. In most hospitals, women give birth in a delivery room, and then are moved to a recovery room. In the new unit, women will be in one space for the entire delivery.

In addition, the same nursing staff will be with the women throughout the process, assuring continuity of care, which in turn reduces anxiety for the new mothers. Queen-sized beds will be used rather than the customary twin-size, and a separate area for families will be part of the suites. The new construction is in response to an increasing demand for services for women.

Improvements like this are of interest to many, so officials might work with a brochure printing company to create pamphlets showing the facility’s amenities.