Local restaurant group joins anti-plastic straw crusade

March 13, 2018 by  

Across the country, plastic straws are increasingly being held in ill-favor, and here in the Dallas area, the Whiskey Cake restaurant has recently taken steps to minimize their usage.

Whiskey Cake, located in Plano, is affiliated with the Frontburner restaurant group. The high-profile, New American eatery has initiated a new program that says no to the ubiquitous plastic item contributing to the pollution of our ecosystem. It joins Snappy Salads, a salad chain based in Dallas, another restaurant that has made environmental consciousness a major part of its business plan.

Snappy’s uses compostable materials for its to-go packaging and offers only paper straws. Whiskey Cake will upon request provide its customers with compostable straws as well.

A company spokesman explained that this was just the latest in the restaurant’s endeavor to be as “green” as possible. Whiskey Cake also provides guests with electric car charging stations, refills and reuses table candles created from repurposed wine bottles, uses solar roof panels to produce its own solar energy, and recycles cardboard and glass materials daily.

It is anticipated that the “no plastic straws” policy will spread to The Keeper, Ida Claire and Mexican Sugar, which are other eateries under the Frontburner umbrella.

For new initiatives like this, flyer printing may be a way for companies to make their case on how important this issue is to the environment, provided flyers are recycled after being used.