Workshops to address issues in Spartanburg County

March 11, 2018 by  

Boiling Springs, an unincorporated area in east-central Spartanburg County about seven square miles in size, has seen a tremendous amount of growth in past few years, with many new businesses opening up along Highway 9 and a new Boiling Springs High as part of Spartanburg School District 2 to accommodate more students.

Consequently, two community vision workshops are being planned by Heart of Boiling Springs and Upstate Forever collaborating with Toole Design Group to be held over the next two months.

Executive Director of Upstate Family Resource Center, Kelley Ezell, has organized such community meetings over the past two years. She said that being unincorporated brings its own type of challenges, but her hope is that these workshops will connect people in the community and enable their voices to be heard about their ideas regarding the community.

A regional director for Toole Design Group, Ernie Boughman, added that it is important for people to have the chance to express their viewpoints about future developments and transportation choices.

The first workshop will be from 6:00 to 7:30 pm on March 22, and the second one will be on April 26 during the same time.

Flyer printing is often used to create items to attract large numbers of people to workshops like these and to publicize shared concerns in a community.