L’Oreal’s Florence plant to use landfill as RNG source

March 10, 2018 by  

Sometime in March, a new facility at the Big Run Landfill will be under construction to begin the process of capturing and conditioning quality renewable natural gas (RNG) to send to Florence.

The RNG produced by Ultra Capital’s Big Run Power Producers will be sent to North America’s largest L’Oreal manufacturing operation, which is located here in Florence. L’Oreal employs over 400 in the state and has operated here for 25 years. The plant is anticipated to be finished before the year ends.

The cosmetics giant has made a commitment to arrive at carbon neutrality in 2019 for its 21 manufacturing locations in the U.S. The facility 135 miles away that is to bring RNG to the Florence facility is just the latest in L’Oreal’s U.S. push for renewable energy.

Presently, L’Oreal uses 17 installations nationwide to provide renewable energy. Included among these are wind turbines in Texas and solar arrays onsite in Arkansas, Kentucky, and New Jersey. Only last year, a 1.4 megawatt solar array was completed at L’Oreal’s Florence facility, which is the state’s largest such commercial area.

L’Oreal USA recently announced that it has contracted to purchase about 40% of the Big Run Landfill’s RNG for the next 15 years. The publicity from the agreement, combined with targeted promotional products, may increase the profile of RNG and therefore its usage.