Local students place third in national competition

March 6, 2018 by  

Huntsville’s Academy for Science and Foreign Language students recently won first place in the state’s ‘Future City Competition’, and third place in the nationwide contest held in Washington D.C.

This year’s theme was to create a blueprint for an “age-friendly” city of the future. Students were expected to select one challenge senior citizens encounter and envision two solutions. After coming in first in Alabama, the Huntsville team was eligible to travel to the U.S. capital and compete against other state winners.

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The Huntsville students’ ideas were: a ‘Robo-Pet’ and a ‘Medi-Carousel’. The first would serve the dual purpose of providing companionship, as well as serving as a caretaker for senior citizens. The ‘Medi-Carousel’ would remember an individual’s allergies and medical history, as well as keep track of his or her medication and provide an automatic reminder when medication is due to be taken, and use a ‘Pharma Drone’ for dispensing it.

The Future City Competition mandated that the eighth-grade students write a 1,500-word paper describing the research they had done, as well as their suggested solutions. They were also required to take recycled materials and create a tabletop scale model of their futuristic city, and give a brief presentation about it to a group of professionals.