Planned boutique hotel changing developers

March 5, 2018 by  

Last year, the Champaign City Council approved plans to develop a boutique hotel in the city’s downtown. The original developer is no longer on the project, but the city says the plans are still a go.

The hotel was to be aimed at younger, technologically-savvy patrons, and would have been in the Best Western stable under its new ‘Hotel Vib’ (pronounced “vibe”) brand. These hotels are located in urban areas and provide guests with sleek, comfortable rooms that incorporate complimentary high-speed internet, easy-to-reach power ports and USB ports, smart TVs, and work stations.

The original developer, Grasshopper Hospitality LLC, failed to close on the property, bringing into question its ability to finance the project, according to Champaign’s assistant planning and development director Rob Kowalski.

However, despite losing Grasshopper, Kowalski said the terms of the project will remain the same. The hotel will lease 100 parking spaces for its guests from the parking garage on Hill Street, and the city is not providing any funding. The decision not to change the project is due to the fact the city believes the terms as they stand are the best option.

If the substitution is approved, Hoffman Estates’ Stonegate Properties will take over from Grasshopper, and will start building in Fall 2018, with a completion date some time near the end of 2019.

Projects like this can benefit if developers work with brochure printers to create attractive material showing its amenities.