Temecula invited to make new four-legged friends

February 28, 2018 by  

A unique opportunity is on the way for Temecula residents to enjoy making some new four-legged friends while they help fund care for homeless and unwanted animals in the community.

Lemon ranch Animal Sanctuary will be hosting Gulp With Goats. This event will see humans and goats interact and have fun with one another while they enjoy the view and the provided drinks.

The guests will spend time in the area of the facility that has been dubbed ‘Goat Adventureland’, with goats and other animals that have been rescued by the organization. They will be able to cuddle and play with them, all while learning more about Lemon Ranch and the work it does to provide a home for everything from horses, sheep and goats, to rabbits, ducks turkeys, chickens and even a tortoise who only has three legs

The tickets for the occasion are priced at $25 each, and the experience will be limited to six guests. The planners noted that the funds will go directly towards care of the animals the organization cares for. Promotional products that can aid in making an event like this a success can be sourced from a local printer.

The Lemon Ranch Animal Sanctuary, which can be found at 39775 Intrepid Road in Temecula, will be the location for Gulp With Goats, and it will be held on March 10. Anyone who would like to find out more is invited to visit the organizer’s website.