Stores trial computerized food-court ordering kiosks

February 19, 2018 by  

Costco stores in Pacoima and Tustin have commenced testing of a computerized ordering system at their food courts.

The computerized self-serve system was installed late last month and Costco employees have applauded the system, saying it has cut down on wait times substantially.

To make room for the computerized self-serving kiosk, the Costco store at Tustin had to reduce its yellow-lined section to half, which entailed moving the bagged ice freezer and coffee grinder to the corner.

Customers who want to place orders simply tap on icons on the system’s touch screen, make a payment with their debit and credit cards, and then move over to the pick-up window with their receipt. The average time from placing an order to getting served was approximately two minutes. The company could improve sales by offering customers promotional products.

The kiosk has drastically cut down on waiting lines, which previously could get very long at dinnertimes and on weekends. The computerized ordering and automatic payment system allowed the kitchen staff to skip the money exchanging part of the transaction and focus more on compiling orders.

The innovation has helped Costco navigate the current challenging retail landscape. The big-box retailer reported overall net sales of $12.24bn for January, which is an 8.4 % increase from the $11.29bn recorded last year.