Maryland Ensemble Theatre announces Family Fun Day

February 8, 2018 by  

For the third year in a row, the Maryland Ensemble Theatre (MET) in Frederick is offering a day focused on providing fun for the entire family.

The theater is inviting everyone to a day of face painting, arts and crafts, interactive storytelling—in both Spanish and English—and theater games. Some of the most beloved characters from various productions will be spending time with the attendees, including Spiderman and The Cat in the Hat.

After the event finishes, the theater will perform ‘Q: The Witch and the Magical Orb’, its current production. In this colorful show, an evil witch has stolen all the art in the world, and tucked it away in a magical orb, which she keeps in the dark blue cave where she lives. Q is a fuzzy little creature who gets bored without art to look at, so he and Margaret the Dragon Fly, his friend, go to confront the witch in her lair.

Admission to the party is free, but admission to the play, for those who want to stay to see it, is $10. The fun starts at 10:00 am on February 17, and continues through 1:00 pm. The show begins at 1.30 pm. People who miss this performance have more chances to see it, as the show runs through February 25 on weekends.

Events like this can be even more fun if organizers work with a flyer printing company on a handout that gives attendees a schedule.