Burnsville class will see students roll their own sushi

February 2, 2018 by  

Sushi is a food that has been steadily growing in popularity, and Burnsville residents who would like to learn more about how they can prepare it at home may wish to save the date for an upcoming area event.

Coastal Seafoods has planned a workshop that will provide those who take part with a firm grounding in the terminology, techniques, and tools that used in preparing this Japanese-style dish. They will learn how to select the right piece of fish to use , as well as the other ingredients they can use to make sushi, and they will also have an opportunity to sample it for themselves.

Both nigiri and roll sushi are included on the agenda for the evening, and the participants will be taught how to properly prepare the rice used when crafting these delicacies. Tickets for the class are being offered to the public at a price of $65 each, and it will run for approximately two hours. Digital copying can be used to create copies of the recipes used so that they can be distributed to all of the students in an event like this

The workshop will be held on May 3 at 2330 Minnehaha Avenue in Minneapolis, and anyone who would like to learn how to prepare restaurant-style sushi at home is welcome. Coastal Seafood’s website includes more details about the evening for anyone who would like to find out more.