Eagleville area paint class to showcase succulents

January 9, 2018 by  

With their thick, pastel-colored leaves and ease of care, succulents are popular houseplants, and during an Eagleville area paint night, guests will learn how to add their beauty to their home in a variety of ways.

JSquared Painting’s Jocelyn Erickson will be the guest artist for the Painting & Posies: Succulents workshop, which has been organized by The Rhoads Garden Education Team. She will provide step-by-step instruction for the students so that they will be able to craft their very own painting of succulents, which they will be able to display in their home or other setting.

As they work, the attendees will have an opportunity to learn more about these plants and how to successfully care for them. They are encouraged to bring along some food or a beverage to enjoy before the class begins while they socialize with the other people who will be participating in the evening’s activities. Flyer printing techniques can be used by a local printer to craft an assortment of promotional materials for this type of event.

The registration fee for this workshop that will be taking place in The Rhoads Garden, which is located at 570 Dekalb Pike in North Wales, is $40. Planned for February 23rd, it is open to anyone who is interested. More details can be obtained by visiting its online listing.