Napa explores truffles this month

January 9, 2018 by  

Truffles have long been considered a luxurious food, and Napa’s CIA at Copia is offering local foodies an opportunity to learn more about them.

The institution will be hosting its ‘All About Truffles’ program, and Chef Ken Frank and American Truffle Company’s scientist Dr. Paul Thomas will lead the participants through an exploration of this venerable fungi. Rico, who is a trained truffle dog, will also be on hand to meet with the group.

The class will learn about the different species of truffles, andhow they grow and form symbiotic relationships with the trees they grow with. Advice will be shared about how to evaluate and select the best ones to cook with at home. Participants will also be given tips about ways to store and prepare them, and this will include hands-on learning. Digital copying can be used to produce recipe cards and other handouts for an occasion like this.

The proprietor of Davis Estates will join in the session to discuss the wines his company produces, and the attendees will have an opportunity to sample an assortment of wine and truffle pairings. Tickets for the two-hour session are being offered for sale at a price of $80 each.

All About Truffles will be held at 500 1st Street in Napa on January 15. More details about the afternoon can be found by visiting its event listing.