Free hair care advice for Massapequa Park adoptive families

January 8, 2018 by  

Two adoption support agencies have combined their efforts to help parents adapt to some of the smaller, yet still frustrating, details of being a new parent.

Adoptive parents often discover there are some surprise challenges to caring for their new children. Different genetics can also mean managing unique hair textures that require special care. A free course, co-sponsored by the Adoptive and Foster Family Coalition Of New York and Long Island Adoptive Families, offers advice for the proper way to care for specific types of hair and how to complete a variety of popular hairstyles.

Classes like this can help new parents to feel more confident in the daily care of their new charges and it helps to make adopted children understand how important they are to their adoptive families. The result is new looks that will likely keep print companies busy with all the photos the proud parents will be printing and sending out.

The haircare workshop is free to all new adoptive parents and their children. Foster parents and children are also welcome if space is available. The class is taught by a trained cosmetologist and will take place from 1:00 to 3:00 pm this Sunday, January 14, and can be booked by calling (631) 598-1983. The location of the event will be provided to the participants once registration is complete.