Burnsville workshop will help to keep freezers full 

January 6, 2018 by  

Having a freezer that is stocked with pre-made frozen meals can be a real time saver, and a Burnsville area workshop will see participants craft their own set of prepared dishes to freeze at home.

Those who attend the Lakeville Hy-Vee Simple Mix Freezer Meal Prep Class will each make six healthy meals that they will be able to use to help stock their deep freeze. Each of the dishes is meant to serve six, and the organizers noted they could be especially useful for busy families, seniors or students who are short on time.

Each of the participants will be given the components and materials they need to make the meals, and the ingredient preparation will be for them ahead of time. They will also receive the storage bags to hold the food, and even the dishes will be done for them after their work is complete. The items can be slow cooked, baked or grilled, and those who plan on taking part are reminded to bring along a thermal bag or cooler to take the food home. Poster printing can be used to create promotional materials that let people now when a function like this will be held so that they can make plans to attend.

The workshop will be taking place on January 25th, and the cost to attend is $125.00. It will be held in the Simple Fix Room of the Lakeville Hy-Vee, and more information can be obtained by contacting the organizer at 952-423-9340.