Moonlight ride planned for Cedar Park

January 5, 2018 by  

Cedar Park’s Austin Steam Train will be kicking off its winter schedule for 2018 with the first of its Signature Cocktail series of events, and it will feature both mimosas and moonlight.

The round trip, which will last for two and a half hours, will depart from the station at 7:00 pm. As the passengers relax and socialize, they will be treated to mimosas, fresh fruit, juice, and a variety of small bites supplied for the occasion by Greenhouse Craft Food. Alcohol free choices will also be available for anyone who would prefer them.

To add to the atmosphere of the event, strolling musicians will be on hand, and there will be no layover. Since alcohol will be served, it is open only to those who are at least 21 or older, and a four drink limit will be enforced to ensure the safety of all the passengers. The cars will be pulled by a diesel locomotive, and guests who come in pairs will have the option of being seated together. A printer can use graphic design to produce an assortment of promotional material for this type of event.

This grand opening to the 2018 Signature Cocktail Series has been planned for January 20, and it will depart from the Austin Steam Train station located in Cedar Park at 401 East Whitestone Boulevard. Anyone who would like more information can find it by consulting the Cedar Park Fun website.