Amazon HQ2 mystery rolls over into 2018 as cities await news

January 7, 2018 by  

Across the nation, city leaders remain on tenterhooks waiting for Amazon to announce where it will locate its second headquarters (HQ2).

The e-retail giant announced in September 2017 that it was looking at locations for a second headquarters. Dallas-Fort Worth is among many contenders vying to host its HQ2 and has submitted its own proposal. The Dallas Regional Chamber identified a wide array of potential sites in the Metroplex area, but the proposal has not been made public.

Playing in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex’s favor is the area’s ability to supply the estimated 50,000 tech-savvy employees HQ2 will require over the next 10 years. However, housing in Dallas-Fort Worth and the surrounding suburbs is already stretched thin.

As soon as Amazon’s choice is made public, developers will likely swoop in with plans for a variety of additions to the Dallas area’s housing options and the building race will be on.

Should housing or apartment building lag behind Amazon HQ2 construction, employees may initially have to commute further than they would like at first. Brochure printing will likely commence as soon as housing plans are finalized and properties should rent and sell quickly.

According to the Wall Street Journal, D-FW is the best choice for the second headquarters, but the decision making process will take place in Seattle, with an announcement to be made sometime in 2018.