Cincinnati buys green energy

January 3, 2018 by  

Cincinnati recently signed a contract with Dynergy Inc., whereby the city will buy energy for the city’s facilities, starting this month, January, 2018. The perhaps unusual thing about the agreement is that the energy is green, and will be used to power almost all the buildings.

Once the agreement is in place, City Hall, most of the administration buildings, recreation centers, health clinics, and fire and police stations will be powered completely by energy from renewable sources, at least through 2021.

The new contract will save the city about $100,000 annually compared to what it is currently paying for electricity. John Cranley, Cincinnati’s mayor, said the city crunched the numbers and found out it was possible to switch to renewable energy without paying more.

Going green will reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Cincinnati by 9.1%, which is the equivalent of taking 5,500 gas-powered cars off the road each year and planting over a half-million trees, among other bonuses.

Cincinnati has been moving toward renewable energy aggressively. Since 2012, 80,000 households in the city have been powered by 100% green power via the Cincinnati Electric Aggregation Program. In addition, late in 2017 the city began offering natural gas from renewable sources, the first program anywhere that allows residents to have energy that is 100% carbon-free.

Efforts like this are important to many, so officials might work with a newsletter printing company to create a letter to describe the programs.