Joint Chiropractic coming to Louisville

January 2, 2018 by  

The Joint Chiropractic, a membership-based chiropractic franchise business dedicating to providing low-cost services to those who can’t afford it otherwise, recently announced its plans to open a facility in Louisville, Kentucky.

Unlike most chiropractic centers, The Joint Chiropractic provides services that cost less by putting people on a monthly membership plan and pricing lower for basic visits. Unlike a regular specialist’s facility, the joint doesn’t require their members to make appointments, doesn’t require visitors to have insurance, and operates during the evenings and during extended weekend hours.

The company says that they are typically located next to businesses such as Starbucks and Chipotle and likes to compare themselves to these types of franchises, saying that they are affordable, accessible, and convenient for those who need basic chiropractic services.

The CEO of The Joint Chiropractic, Peter Holt, made this statement about the company’s plan to provide its services in Louisville:

“… There’s been a shift toward convenience in the healthcare industry and that’s something we’ve stood for since day one. For consumers looking for speedier appointments and routine adjustments, The Joint continues to be the only accessible option, which is why we’re bringing our clinics to Louisville.”

For more information about The Joint Chiropractic, to learn about applying for an opening a franchise, or to view resources such as franchise information brochures, visit their website.