Chagrin Falls lists 2018 infrastructure projects

January 1, 2018 by  

With 2018 now underway, Bill Tomko, mayor of Chagrin Falls, is taking stock of the projects the village plans to undertake during the year, some of which could stretch into 2020.

Among these are reconstruction of the Main Street bridge, upgrading the wastewater treatment plant, and razing some structures at a former paper plant.

The Main Street bridge, which was built in 1857, has not been improved since 1931. It will be upgraded, but Tomko acknowledges this will cause inconvenience to downtown merchants, with road closures and traffic problems.

The wastewater treatment plant dates back to 1972-1973, and needs a substantial upgrade, according to Mayor Tomko. He notes that in the 45 years since the original construction, technology has been developed that will allow the facility to operate far more efficiently. However, precisely what is needed will be determined by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), who will give their requirements to Chagrin Falls’ village engineers. The latter will then come up with a plan, after which cost estimates can be made.

The so-called Spillway Project involves demolishing structures at a paper plant on Cleveland Street. Since heavy trucks could damage the streets by hauling away concrete debris, it will instead by ground at the site, and used as needed.

Major changes like this can affect an entire community, so officials might work with a newsletter printing company to create a letter that keeps residents updated.