Amazon Locker comes to Tustin

December 31, 2017 by  

The Whole Foods in Tustin, along with several other Southern California locations, now has an Amazon Locker.

E-retail giant Amazon bought the Whole Foods franchise earlier this year for approximately $13.7bn in a move that provided Amazon with its first brick-and-mortar locations and offered ready-made opportunities for Locker installations.

Amazon Lockers are secure, self-service sites where customers can pick up their orders, rather than have them delivered to their homes. The service is meant to circumvent package theft. Parcels are delivered to the Lockers, and customers receive a unique code to open the door. There are restrictions on the service, such as size, weight, and order value, but for many purchasers, it will alleviate some of the concerns about buying online. In some cases, orders can also be returned through Amazon Lockers.

With the merger of Whole Foods and Amazon, the opportunities for growth are unprecedented. Marketing services will be required to inform the wider buying public of Amazon’s future plans, but there is no doubt that combining necessary household purchasing like groceries with Amazon’s massive customer base will fundamentally change the retail and commercial landscapes.

With the added convenience of Amazon’s tried and tested delivery system, including the Lockers now installed at the Whole Food sites, it may gradually lead to a complete transformation of people’s buying habits.