Puerto Rican dances to help his home

December 30, 2017 by  

Samir Andrades, a native of Puerto Rico now living in Youngstown, saw his family this summer, and now is working to help them and others suffering the consequences of Hurricane Maria in September. He also works to bring some joy to Youngstown.

Andrades teaches Latin dance classes, for which he charges $10 each, on Saturdays in the Coy Cornelius building, located on Belmont Avenue. He takes the money he collects in fees for the classes, and puts it toward the purchase of clothing and supplies for Puerto Rican children. After the last class of the year, Andrades, with some of his dancers helping, boxed up care packages of clothes, candles, school supplies, and toys, to be mailed to children in Barranquita, Utuado, and Cabo Rojo.

Andrades is an instructor at Youngstown’s SMARTS (Students Motivated by the Arts) art school. He lived in Orlando, Florida, for 20 years where he worked at Universal’s Diagon Alley as a stage assistant, and danced at Holy Land Experience park. After that, he worked for Dance Revolution, which took him around the country, teaching a number of different dances. He then joined Project Dance, where he remains today, and taught around the world.

Efforts like this can benefit if organizers work with a flyer printing company to create a mailer for residents, explaining the mission and asking for help.