Historic Delaware Canal to get an upgrade

December 27, 2017 by  

Delaware Canal 21 has received $170,000 from the state of Pennsylvania for improving its waterway.

The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources has released the funding to the nonprofit Delaware Canal 21 so that it can upgrade the waterway. Business forms can be useful for non-profits. Allen Black is the chair of Delaware Canal 21, and he has released a statement explaining how the grant will be allocated.

The canal was opened back in 1832, and was at its busiest before the middle of the 19th Century. Large quantities of coal were transported along the canal in its heyday, traveling between Easton and Bristol Borough. The modern canal needs investment to improve the way it functions, and there is the hope that public access to the canal’s towpath can be boosted.

Some of the new resources will be spent on addressing the flooding issue. The district of Morrisville faces a real challenge in this area going forward. Delaware Canal 21 has pledged to work with the borough of Morrisville to make a positive difference. Water flow will be analysed, water management, will be looked at and specific capital investments will be recommended.

Another issue that will be investigated is the quality of the water, which has never been examined in a methodical way before. A partnership approach will be adopted so that sustainable improvements can be achieved.