Thickshake Factory comes to Long Beach

December 27, 2017 by  

An Indian chain that sells milkshake is on its way to California.

The Thickshake Factory has been in operation for a few years, and already has 49 Indian sites. Flyer printing may be used by businesses in the food and drink sector, as customers who want a milkshake can benefit from straightforward promotional material.

The Thickshake Factory has selected its latest location with care; it has picked a place in Long Beach’s downtown that was once in decline. The dereliction of the Promenade zone was underlined by the closures of a Walmart and Nordstrom Rack. However, a redevelopment scheme is beginning to reap rewards, and the local economic turnaround has been summed up by the recent proposal to open a distillery. A group of investors have also ensured that the Portuguese Bend will be doing business soon.

Retailing milkshakes is not always an easy business in which to succeed, with Millions of Milkshakes shutting up shop back in 2016. This outcome showed that even support from celebrities may be insufficient inspiration for entrepreneurs in the generally competitive trade.

Nevertheless, the Thickshake Factory does not face many rivals within the boundaries of Long Beach, although there is a seller of ice cream, fruit cups, smoothies, and Mexican sorbets. The Thickshake Factory will step up to the plate by opening for 12 hours each weekday.