Bold forecasts for electric buses

December 25, 2017 by  

Electric buses should become more popular as American communities replace diesel vehicles, manufacturing leaders say.

It has been predicted by some experts that all the bus purchases in the nation will be electric within two decades. The positive trend towards electric transportation is likely to be received well in Lancaster, where digital business cards can be used by executives in the sector.

BYD, the Chinese automaker, has a Lancaster-based plant. BYD has already managed to put over 150 electric vehicles out there. This performance has outstripped that of Proterra. a start-up from Silicon Valley that has got over 100 electric vehicles on the highway.

Investor Warren Buffett holds a significant stake in BYD, and the international business has been partly driven by progress within China.

There are some practical considerations that are holding back change in the sector. These relate to the cost of the electric buses and some technological issues, but Chris Stoddart, a Canadian executive in the bus manufacturing sector, said:

“People worry about being an early adopter. Remember 20 years ago someone paid $20,000 for a plasma TV and then 10 years later it was $900 at Best Buy.”

Stoddart is based at New Flyer Industries, a supplier of conventional transport solutions to the American market. The enterprise only uses a few electric buses. A few other experts think that the technology connected with electric buses should be upgraded in line with anxiety about performance in extreme weather.