Successful search for a special gift spreads holiday cheer

December 24, 2017 by  

The hard work of many people has paid off, as a toy has been found for a local boy with autism.

For Melville mother Jeanie Shelton-Clyne, the search for a specific toy was especially important. Her son, Michael, is autistic and has a difficult time communicating his desires. However, on one subject the young boy was very clear; he wanted a wooden Ginger Cat toy he had seen online.

Normally, this would be a simple wish to fulfill, but there were complications. Michael had seen the toy in a video and not on a retail site. Shelton-Clyne learned the item was originally made by a London-based company but had been discontinued for a number of years. The mother contacted the company, Applepie Toys, and was informed they had none available.

Thanks to social media and the efforts of many strangers, the search was finally seen by Los Angeles-based Richard Tomasco, a director for the toy company. He recognized the cat and realized he had one that had been sitting for a decade, untouched, in his own office. The toy will remain under the tree for what will undoubtedly be an exciting Christmas morning tomorrow for Michael and his determined mom.

Shelton-Clyne is not only relieved, but grateful after the months-long search for the gift. Her thoughts on the endeavor are suitable for all holiday cards, as she says:

“We are blessed to have such wonderful friends, family, community and total strangers across the globe helping to preserve the magic of Christmas.”