New prison healthcare center opens

December 25, 2017 by  

Local and state officials recently gathered together to celebrate the opening of the new healthcare center at the correctional facility in St. Cloud, Minnesota on December 6th. The new healthcare center is part of a two-part project to renovate the prison.

The previous facility was only 6,300 square feet, did not contain enough room to separate the inmates and the medical staff, and could not keep up with the demands of the 350 to 450 prisoners passing through it each month.

The new healthcare facility is 15,000 square feet, contains special areas for medical records, a nursing station and a nurse locker room, a staff break room, new waiting areas, and modern dental chairs. Officials have also installed safe windows to dispense medication out of, which has allowed them to move their dispensary from the cafeteria to a more secure location.

The new healthcare facility, being the first phase of the two-part plan, will be followed by renovations in the area where prisoners enter and exit the prison, in the warehouse spaces, and in the laundry areas. However, a date for when these renovations will be completed has not yet been released.

For more information about the Minnesota Correctional Facility in St. Cloud including resources such as application forms, informational flyers, and photos, visit the Minnesota Department of Corrections website.