Thunder win over Timberwolves

December 25, 2017 by  

At the beginning of the month, the Oklahoma City Thunder defeated the Minnesota Timberwolves with a final score of 111-107.

Steven Adams and Paul George stood out during the game. Adams scored 27 points, which is the most he has managed in a single game during his career. He made all five free throws and 11 baskets from the court. George, meanwhile, assisted nine times and scored 35 points.

According to George, the team had their head further into the game this time and performed better on defense. George also praised Adams for his role in the game, and as a valuable asset to the team when he is open.

Billy Donovan, coach of the Thunder, has been giving the team pointers that they put to good use. A 42-26 lead was held at one point in the game, but the fact that the Thunder’s losing streak that had followed them the past three games is likely to have weighed on their minds.

After a slow start to the fourth quarter before, George made a three-pointer. Then, it was a heated battle to the end but the Timberwolves could not catch up. Two free throws from George in the last five seconds finalized the score.

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