Westerville schools to replace treasurer

December 24, 2017 by  

The current Westerville City School District treasurer, Bart Griffith, will retire January 1, 2018, and the school board is preparing to search for his replacement.

In the meantime, Laura Hendricks, the assistant treasurer, will hold the position on an interim basis. The school board accepted Griffith’s resignation, and has revealed its plans for both a temporary and permanent replacement, last month.

The board president, Rick Vilardo, said that Griffith has worked hard to strengthen the district’s financial health, and has been so effective they would have liked to have kept him on board. However, Vilardo said everyone understood that Griffith’s resignation is in his own best interest, as well as that of his family.

In his letter, Griffith explained that he has serious health concerns with which he has been struggling for several years, and he is finding it increasingly difficult to deal with both his health and his high-level position.

Since Griffith assumed the position of treasurer, the district’s financial position has improved to the point that Moody’s Investors Service ranked the district as Aa1 – its second highest rating – up from Aa2. Moody’s has awarded its second-highest or highest ranking to only 20 districts in Ohio.

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