Cary tests new smart technologies

December 22, 2017 by  

The city hall complex in Cary has recently become home to a living lab where smart city projects can be tested.

There is a community center parking lot in the complex, with sensors that keep information about parking spaces, such as whether they are occupied and the length of occupancy within them. This data is recorded in a platform created by Cisco so that officials can determine the most appropriate spaces and when they are needed.

Chief information officer for the city, Nicole Raimundo, said that using the city as a lab provides a pilot space where technologies can be tested before they are used at a larger scale. She added that monitoring handicap parking is important, with an example that the city can ascertain whether more spaces are needed at a given time to accommodate the aging population.

There is also new street lighting with special mechanisms and sensors for studying energy usage and controlling the lights remotely.

Vice president of U.S. public sector sales for Cisco, Larry Payne, added that the platform was designed so cities can deploy smart solutions, and that it displays data on a screen by graphical means, which makes it easier to read and understand.

Booklet printing companies can be used by cities such as Cary to outline the various services being tested and their ramifications for the city.