New pizza dining experience comes to Concord

December 22, 2017 by  

A new location of Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza will soon be opening near the Concord Mills shopping mall.

The restaurant will be 2,800 square feet in size and will seat 78 people. One the well-known features of the chain is an interactive open-kitchen, and this restaurant in Concord will have several modern and unique touches to set it apart from others in the chain.

It is based on the fast-casual concept with a chef-driven menu. There are signature pizzas, which guests can customize, and pizzas guests can create according to their likes. The pizzas are about 11 inches in diameter and, using the hot blazing open flame, are fast cooked and ready to eat in two minutes.

The dough is made from scratch and requires 24 hours to ferment to create a crisp, light, and thin crust. Vegan cheese is available, and the dough can be made gluten-free. There will be a selection of local craft beer and wine at the restaurant too.

President and COO of Blaze Pizza, Jim Mizes, said the goal of Blaze Pizza is to create an engaging and unique dining experience for the enjoyment of fast and affordable food that also has an artisanal flair.

Attractive flyers are often used to inform the community of restaurant openings like this, and to publicize the unique features of the restaurant and the menu.