Beverly faced with windfall money for city expenditures

December 22, 2017 by  

Due to new residential and commercial developments and improvements, the city of Beverly now has an additional $945,000 to spend on projects of its choosing.

Bryant Ayles, Finance Director of the city, said that these developments increased the tax base in addition to equipment updates by the utility companies and renovations made on existing properties. There was a projection of $925,000 due to new growth, but the many new projects that were undertaken contributed to the increased funds.

Although Mayor Mike Cahill and the City Council voiced disagreements on how to spend the additional money, the Council was eventually able to come to a decision for its allocation.

The school committee had previously requested $440,000 to be used to improve athletic and playing field in the district. It had also asked for $400,000 for various school needs. Superintendent of schools, Steven Hiersche, said that he would work with Lorinda Visnick of the School Committee, to sort through the previously agreed upon six priorities to determine the exact allocation of these funds.

The Council decided to spend $70,000 of the remaining funds to hire new civilian dispatcher so that more police officers could get back into the community.

Print companies can be hired in situations such as this one to inform the community of additional funds and their allocation to city departments.