North Conway area to celebrate all things chocolate

December 21, 2017 by  

North Conway chocolate lovers are invited to come to a local event that will give them a chance to indulge in their favorite food, guilt free.

The Annual Chocolate Festival has been growing in popularity since it was first started 29 years ago. People can snowshoe, ski, or even drive along the event’s route, and there will be lots of stops along the way where they can relax over a mug of hot chocolate and other sweet treats.

Everything from chocolate fondue to brownie sundaes will be on offer, and at each person who participates will receive a trail map to have stamped at each of the stops they visit. They will also have an opportunity to have their names entered in a prize draw, and many local businesses will be offering special discounts for anyone who brings in a stamped Chocolate Festival map. Graphic design can be used to craft maps and other promotional products that can provide the final touch to an event like this.

The 29th Annual Chocolate Festival will be back in the North Conway area on Sunday, February 25. A specially discounted ticket price is being offered to those who purchase their tickets well ahead of time. Anyone who would like to do so, or who wants more information about the activity, has been asked to visit its website.