Morton Grove invited to come and give yoga a try

December 20, 2017 by  

Yoga is an activity that is becoming more popular all the time, and a Morton Grove workshop will provide an introduction to the practice for those who haven’t tried it for themselves before.

The Absolute Beginner Yoga Workshop will give those who participate a chance to explore the benefits of this practice for themselves. Qualified instructors will be on hand to guide the students through a variety of poses, and breathing techniques will also be taught.

As the group is guided through the poses, they will learn how they can be adapted to suit each individual’s needs along with techniques they can use to control their breathing and relax. The benefits of proper posture will also be discussed, and the participants will also be led through an assortment of simple techniques for guided relaxation.

The organizers of the workshop have asked anyone who is interested to register ahead of time, and they are also reminded to wear comfortable clothing. The fee for residents of Morton Grove will be $25.00, while for non-residents, it will be $30.00. Flyers that promote a community-based activity like this can be provided by a local printer.

This introduction to yoga for newbies will be held on January 27th in the Prairie View Community Center. More details about the workshop have been included in the Morton Grove Patch event listings.