Parenting workshop planned for Petaluma 

December 19, 2017 by  

At a Petaluma workshop, moms and dads alike will be given tips on how they can parent more effectively.

Kimberly Hackett, who is a parenting coach, therapist and creator of the Parenting You model, will be facilitating a workshop that will seek to give parents more confidence in their relationship with their son or daughter. Ms. Hackett will touch on a variety of topics, and according to the event’s listing, she will also share ideas about how a parent can convert challenges to opportunities for growth for both themselves and their children.

The two hour long seminar will also include time for the attendees to talk with one another and share their success and also the areas in which they are having difficulties. According to Ms. Hackett, the goal is to help parents to learn that they have been given an opportunity to help make the world a better place by raising child who is confident and has a strong connection with his or her parents and the other people in his or her life. Flyer printing techniques can be used by a local printer to create a variety of promotional materials for an event like this.

January 6th has been chosen as the date for the Parenting You workshop, and the registration fee has been set at $65.00 each. The venue for the event will be the Petaluma Community Center, and any parent who feels it could benefit them is welcome.