Eden Prairie workshop to help build better parents

December 18, 2017 by  

The early years of a child’s development can often be some of the most influential in a person’s life, and an Eden Prairie event will help parents to make the most of this relatively short period of time.

Parents and caregivers alike who are raising a young child and who come to the ‘Parents Are Hypnotists, Too!’ workshop will learn about how their words and actions can have an impact on their son or daughter’s developing brain. It will be facilitated by Roberta, and the organizers noted that she is both a hypnotist and the founder and former administrator of a Montessori school.

The organizers went on to say that the class is best suited to parents of a child who is an infant, right up to those who are age 10. The people who participate will have an opportunity to learn new ways they can have a positive influence on their son or daughter, and anyone with questions has been asked to forward them to Roberta@FAREHypnosis.com. Flyers that promote a function like this to the local community can be crafted by a printing services provider.

It will be held on February 6 at The FARE Hypnosis Center, which is located at 8353 Crystal View Road. The registration fee to take part in the event is $25.