Malden student receives prestigious scholarship

December 17, 2017 by  

A Rhodes Scholarship was recently awarded to Tania N. Fabo, who attended Mystic Valley Regional Charter School Class in Malden and graduated from there in 2014.

She currently attends Harvard College where her focus is on regenerative biology and human development. During her college career, she did cancer research not only at Harvard, but also at the University of Michigan, and for a biotech company.

She will work towards a Master of Science degree at Oxford conducting research in oncology. Fabo commented that she is both honored and stunned to be one of the Rhodes Scholars this year. She said that it was due to the support of her teachers at Mystic Valley, who prepared her for the rigorous academic environment where she was able to achieve such success.

Interim director of Mystic Valley, Alex Dan, said the faculty and staff were not surprised by Fabo’s achievements. He adds that throughout her time at the school, she was motivated, active, and engaged and everyone felt she was a natural leader who was committed to her peers and the rest of the academic community.

Fabo was involved in athletics at Mystic Valley, was co-president of the Latin Club, and completed two years of college-level courses while still enrolled at the school.

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