Evolve Network offers women-focused business networking

December 16, 2017 by  

Holiday cards will mingle with premium business cards as Florence’s Evolve Network prepares to hold its Christmas breakfast.

The event, held at IHOP next week, is designed to help women in the business world meet each other and form connections.

Despite the festive flavor, networking events such as this are serious business. For small businesses, their most important transactions often stem from interpersonal and informal connections. These connections can be formed at networking events, but some women have found it difficult to navigate or even get a seat at such events in male-dominated industries.

The Evolve Network is part of a larger organization known as the H7 Network, a business society with over 50 branches across Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. The H7 Network has said that it aims to combat the “good-ole-boys club” as well as aggressive networking tactics like “unwanted business cards shoved in your face.” As part of this effort, they have a women-focused subsidiary known as H7 Evolve, of which Florence’s Evolve Network is a chapter.

Among the events at the Christmas breakfast will be a raffle for a $25 Panera gift card.

Organizers hope this event will represent a larger trend towards solidarity between female professionals that has the potential to shake up the business world.

It takes place on Tuesday, December 19, running from 8:30 am to 9:30 am.