Temecula event to highlight the value of art in education

December 12, 2017 by  

Temecula parents and anyone who is interested in ensuring that art programs will continue to be a part of the local school curriculum have been asked to attend an upcoming event.

The city’s Mayor, as well as the Assistant Superintendent of Educational Support Services and the Temecula Arts Now Coordinator will serve as co-hosts for a public function that will give local stakeholders a chance to have their say when it comes to the value of art in school.

The organizers noted that they are hoping to make the community aware that recent budget cuts may impact schools arts programming, and in some cases, it may end up being removed altogether.

One of the goals of the morning will be to build a Temecula Arts Now Community that is sustainable and advocates for arts in education. The Temecula Unified School District has added a Visual and Performing Arts program to its curriculum, and this will also be a topic of discussion for the breakfast. All stakeholders are welcome to come out and have their say while they show support for local school art initiatives. Brochures that outline both current and future initiatives can be prepared for this type of function by an area printer.

There will be no fee charged to participate in the feedback session, which will be held in the Temecula Conference Center on January 18, starting at 7:45 am. More information can be found by viewing its event listing.