Popular sculpture restored and new one added

December 10, 2017 by  

A stolen sculpture has been replicated and put back in the same spot, much to the pleasure of Colorado Springs residents, and is being accompanied by a brand new one.

Scottie Burgess, a native of Colorado Springs, has created a collection of art called ‘Civic Treasures’. One of his popular pieces is a mini-sculpture of two camels kissing, which he modeled after the Garden of the Gods’ rock formation known as the Kissing Camel. It was taken from its spot earlier this year, but Burgess has made a second version.

Burgess has also created and installed another piece of public art called ‘Pikes’, which is a sculpture that shows the word ‘Pikes’ standing on end—in honor of Pikes Peak—with a faceless figure peeking around it. The Pikes sculpture has been installed near the Peak Station of the Colorado Springs Police Department.

The sculptor said that the inspiration for this latest piece is what may be the city’s greatest treasure – Pikes Peak. As a Colorado Springs native, the mountain is important to him, and he felt it deserved to be part of the series. A Kickstarter campaign earned enough for Burgess to make the replacement Kissing Camels, as well as a new piece for the collection.

People who want to see the Civic Treasures can follow a set of yellow footprints on the sidewalks throughout the downtown area.

Attractions like this can be made more accessible if officials create brochures that show the artworks and where they are located.