FC Cincinnati stadium moves forward

December 10, 2017 by  

Major League Soccer has named four cities that are now in competition to be the site of a new expansion team: Sacramento, Detroit, Nashville—and Cincinnati.

In an effort to make sure the team comes to Ohio, both city and county officials are doing everything they can to win the bid.

Recently, the Hamilton County Commissioners approved a measure that would earmark $15m for the construction of a new parking garage that would be built near the stadium, which will be sited in Oakley. Todd Portune, the president of the commission, said the community needs to come together to show the soccer league that the city really wants the franchise.

Jeff Berding, president of FC Cincinnati, thanked the commission for voting in favor of the garage. The team has said it will provide 100% of the financing to build the new stadium.

In a parallel action, members of the Cincinnati City Council voted on a proposal put forth by Mayor John Cranley. He has developed a plan that will use $37m to improve the city’s infrastructure in order to make the stadium feasible. The council’s budget committee approved that measure.

Major League Soccer will announce its final decision soon. Since matters like this are interesting to many people, officials could work with a newsletter printing company to provide update letters to residents as the process moves forward.