Lindenhurst man and dog help local shelter win grant

December 7, 2017 by  

The story of a local man and dog has caught the eye of the Petco Foundation, which recently decided to award Ruff House Rescue and 44 animal rescue organizations a total of $765,000.

The animal shelter in Freeport brought two souls together about four years ago, when it called up Patrick Regan, who lives in Lindenhurst, and said it had a dog who was looking for a home. At the time, Regan was searching for some stability in his life.

The dog, a pit bull named Clove, had had a rough life before coming to live with Regan. She had had many owners and had been used in dog fights. Things were difficult for the two at first, as Clove was very timid and would spend much of her time trying to hide from Regan.

One day he took her to a local park, where she seemed to come alive, and was running and smiling for the first time. Regan also felt the positive effects of being out in nature.

Organizations that award grant money to nonprofit groups can use flyers to get the word out and to announce the winners. In the case of the Petco grants, the amounts primarily range from $5,000 to $50,000, although one group will receive the grand prize, worth $100,000.