Princesses dance through Cincinnati

December 6, 2017 by  

‘The Dancing Princesses’ may not be ones of the better-known Brothers Grimm fairy tales, but it appealed to playwright Joseph McDonough and David Kisor, lyricist and composer, who have created a new version on stage now at Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati.

McDonough and Kisor have been creating the theater’s holiday shows for 20 years, and know how to please Cincinnati audiences.

The fairy tale is about 12 princesses whose dancing shoes are always worn out in the mornings, despite the fact their father, the king, locks them into their rooms each night. It turns out they are sneaking out through a trapdoor and going to an enchanted realm, where they dance the night away with 12 princes. A cunning old solider, with the help of a witch, discovers their secret.

The current show cuts down the number of princesses by more than half, but makes up for it by making these five princesses snarky and self-reliant. There’s also a bitter old aunt, unhappy lovers, and a woman who lives in the woods and may or may not be magical.

The plot moves quickly as the princesses tap dance, tango, waltz, and hip-hop. The show runs through December 30, with dates listed on the theater’s website.

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