Huntington debates removing stop sign at roundabout

December 6, 2017 by  

Members of Huntington’s Town Board are considering the future of a stop sign at the north end of New York Avenue and Park Avenue, at the approach to a roundabout. They will consider the matter next week at a public hearing.

Town officials say the sign should be removed because it is in violation of federal regulations, which say stop signs are not to be installed on the approaches to roundabouts.

In 2012, the project to redesign Route 110 was started in Halesite by the state’s Department of Transportation. The roadway and drainage improvement project was begun in order to mitigate flooding, as well as improving safety and mobility for drivers in the North Shore coast, which is a low-lying area. The roundabout was built as part of the Route 110 redesign project, which was finished in 2014.

Also in 2012, a signal that marked the same intersection as the stop sign was taken down, according to officials, leaving only the stop sign.

Roundabouts are still fairly rare in the United States, though they are common in the United Kingdom. Learning how to navigate through them takes some concentration.

The issue will be discussed on December 13, at 7:00 pm. Members of the public are invited and encouraged to attend.

Officials in charge of meetings like this can make things smoother by working with a flyer printing company to create an agenda to distribute to attendees.