Popular burger restaurant to come to St. Louis area

November 29, 2017 by  

Mark Wahlberg, the co-owner of Wahlburgers with his brothers, Paul and Donnie, recently announced that an outlet of the eatery will be coming to St. Louis.

This is good news for those in nearby St. Ann, as the current closest Wahlbergers can be found down south in Atlanta or up north in Cleveland.

Although Wahlberg could not confirm the exact location or opening date, he said that there are several locations in St. Louis that are being examined, and the company is also looking at the options of multiple locations in St. Louis.

The move to St. Louis is part of an expansion of the chain that will open up 26 new Wahlburgers restaurants in the region of the Midwest, including Kansas City and Des Moines. There are currently 17 spread across the United States and Canada.

The first Wahlburgers restaurant to open in the Midwest will be in West Des Moines in mid-2018.

Wahlburgers is a family-friendly restaurant and a casual environment that features signature burgers, house made condiments, crispy haddock, along with vegetarian options. There are thick creamy frappes and floats, as well as a selection of cocktails, adult frappes, beer, and wine.

Restaurants such as Wahlburgers might consider using various marketing services to inform those in the region of any expansion plans or new locations.