Delaware County parks win at the ballot box

November 28, 2017 by  

Voters in Delaware County voted in favor of an increase in the tax levy recently.

According to the ballot, the levy will begin next year, the first collection will take place in 2019, and the levy will remain in place for the following 10 years. The measure consisted two parts: a 0.3-mills tax levy, and the renewal of a 0.6-mills amount already in place.

Tom Curtin, the executive director, said the vote was an important win for the park district. This will allow the district to finish projects that are already underway more quickly, and start on new ones, in particular, finishing the Erie to Ohio bike trail that runs through Delaware County. He added that the district is also planning to buy more land for parks.

The levy will bring in approximately $6.5m yearly for the Preservation Parks effort. It will use the money to buy land for a 230-acre park that will be located in Orange Township near Bale Kenyon Road. Park visitors will enjoy trails, a picnic shelter they can use all year, and Alum Creek access. The district also plans to connect park trails to those in Orange Township and Westerville, and will renovate the Bicentennial Barn so it can be used all year.

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